Troll Forest: A Norwegian Tale

by Donna Seim / Susan Spellman (illustrator)
ISBN: 978-1-937721-92-3

Sale price$24.95


This beautifully-illustrated troll tale set in Norway begs to be read out-loud!

Peter, a fourteen-year-old boy, works as a hired farmhand in the next village to earn money to help his mother save their farm. On his way home, he finds himself alone in the forest just before dark. Peter has no choice but to spend the night in the forest. He falls into a restless sleep but is soon awakened by loud voices. In the moonlight, he sees a huge woman emerge from the forest followed by a ten-foot-tall man carrying a youngling on his shoulders. At first, Peter is frightened by these strange folk; but when the youngling falls into a rolling stream, his parents unaware of his danger; Peter must decide whether to try to save the youngling or to stay safely hidden. In the end, with a little magic, will Peter be able to save the youngling and his mother’s farm? Join Peter on his adventures in the enchanting, magical Troll Forest.

Author Donna Seim is the award-winning author of three children’s picture books and three middle grade readers. Donna’s newest book, Troll Forest, A Norwegian Tale, is set in Norway and is inspired by her many trips to the Old Country to visit her husband’s family. Donna was charmed by the magic of the culture and the stories about Trolls! Donna is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. She lives in Newbury, Massachusetts, with her husband, Martin, and her dog, Charlie.

Artist Susan Spellman, pursues a dual career as a fine artist and as an illustrator with extensive experience in painting, portraiture, and children’s book illustration. She has illustrated six previous titles by Donna Seim.

32 pages. Hardcover. 

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