Troll Magic

by Theodor Kittelsen (Tr. by Tiina Nunnally)
ISBN: 978-1-5179-1139-3

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Hidden Folk from the Mountains and Forests of Norway

A collection of macabre and magical folklore from the “godfather” of the Norwegian troll 

Across the stillness of the sprawling mountain heath, the shadow of the mighty forest falls, its wildness calling to the child in all of us. Here the Hidden Folk assemble: the stalwart little nisse, farmyard spirit and irrepressible prankster; the seductive hulder, with her crown of flowers and cow’s tail; the fiddling fossegrim, summoning the music of wind and water; and most fearsome and enchanting of all, the one-eyed troll, head high above the treetops. A veritable bestiary of Nordic folk creatures was conjured by artist Theodor Kittelsen, whose late nineteenth-century paintings and illustrations gave these macabre and magical figures their enduring forms. 

In this book, first published as Troldskab in 1892, Kittelsen spins tales of wonder around creatures rumored to haunt the fields, forests, and waterfalls of Norway. First and foremost are the trolls, hapless, horrible, or just plain silly, working their spells and making their mischief to the terror and delight of the presumably human reader. 

Tailoring his whimsical artistic style to each tale, Kittelsen’s stories, in Tiina Nunnally’s nimble translation, reveal a Nordic world of wonder, myth, and magic as real as the imagination allows.

Theodor Kittelsen (1857–1914) was one of Norway’s most popular artists and is best known for his paintings and illustrations from Norwegian folklore. 

Tiina Nunnally is the award-winning translator of many Scandinavian books, including, most recently, The Complete and Original Norwegian Folktales of Asbjørnsen and Moe and Sigrid Undset’s Olav Audunssøn tetralogy, all published by the University of Minnesota Press.

96 pages.  Hardcover.

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