Hockey in the Wild

by Nicholas Oldland
ISBN: 978-1-5253-0241-1

Sale price$18.99


The lovable Life in the Wild trio can't wait to get out on the ice to play hockey. Except, well, they're going to have to!  It's wintertime, and the bear, the moose and the beaver can't wait for hockey season to start. They're so eager, in fact, they head out onto the ice before it's thick enough, and they all fall through. Twice. While they wait for the lake to freeze, they try to take their minds off hockey. There's competitive napping. Karaoke. Lots of comfort food. Until, at last, the day arrives when the ice is ready. But, after all that time not being active, are they ready?  Part of the bestselling Life in the Wild picture book series from Nicholas Oldland, this funny romp is, at its heart, a love letter to the sport of hockey and the joys of playing in the wild outdoors. Oldland's distinctive dry humor shines here, making this a fun read-aloud.

32 pages. Hardcover.

8.3 in H | 8.3 in W

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