Wanderlust Nordics: Exploring Trails in Scandinavia

by Cam Honan (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-9670408-0-7

Sale price$65.00


Experience the best hiking routes in the Nordic countries through practical tips, informative maps and stunning visuals. From the Ice Sheet in Greenland, to the arctic tundra and rocky coastline in Sweden, to a plethora of enchanting lakes and forests in Finland - the Nordics offer a breathtaking variety of landscapes and endless options to hike. Wanderlust Nordics invites you to boast into this distinctive wilderness with a wide range and an appealing mix of trails. A book that will have you heading north.

Cam Honan has trekked across 61 countries and six continents, logging over 60,000 mi (96,500 km) in three decades. He has authored four bestselling titles for gestalten-Wanderlust, Wanderlust USA, Wanderlust Himalaya and The Hidden Tracks. Cam has been described by Backpacker Magazine as "the most travelled hiker on earth".

Hardcover.  300 pages
11.5 in H | 9 in W

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