Thermal: Saunas, Hot Springs and Baths

by Lindsey Bro
ISBN: 978-1-79721-857-1

Sale price$29.95


A visually driven celebration of bathing culture around the world, featuring more than 150 photos plus healing rituals and calming practices for daily life.  Full of breathtaking photography and engaging stories, THERMAL is a celebration of the places, traditions, and mythologies surrounding the healing benefits of heat. Featuring more than 50 faraway locations—from an ancient holy hot spring in Turkey to a cozy sauna on a snowcapped ridge in Alaska, plus pools, tubs, and more—these pages overflow with idyllic landscapes and wanderlust inspiration. Lindsey Bro features saunas and hot springs in Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Alaska, and many other countries around the world.  

THERMAL is perfect for those who dream of escaping to distant places, immersing themselves in nature, and living a quieter life. 

256 pages. Hardcover. 

7.25 in. x 9.25 in.

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