Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose: Norway (BluRay)

by Richard Bangs
ISBN: 978-1-60077-652-6

Sale price$9.95


Travel to magical Norway for a tour of its deep fjords, impressive mountains and thriving cities in high definition. When the Vikings set out from here thousands of years ago, they struck fear across Europe, yet today, Norway is the home of the Nobel Peace Center, and is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. Visit the Arctic north, go to modern Oslo and Bergen, and sail from Troms down the jagged coastline. Finally, experience the emerald Sognefjord, considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with explorer Richard Bangs as he seeks to find the meaning of today's Viking spirit in Norway. Richard Bangs has spent more than 30 years as an explorer, and is a pioneer in travel that makes a difference. In fact, founder Rich Barton called him Indiana Jones with a conscience. Bangs is the host and co-executive producer of the popular public television series Adventures with Purpose. 60 minutes. BluRay DVD.

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