Rhubarb: 50 Tried & True Recipes

by Corrine Kozlak
ISBN: 978-1-59193-828-6

Sale price$16.95


This rhubarb-themed cookbook features 50 recipes complemented by full-color photographs of each dish.

The cookbook that captures the taste of summer!

An unusual yet surprisingly common perennial, rhubarb is among the first spring plants to emerge. It has a subtle yet distinct tart, earthy flavor—and it conjures distant memories of parents, grandparents, and neighbors. Rhubarb is a cookbook by Corrine Kozlak that features 50 recipes to please any rhubarb lover. The author has compared, tested, tasted, and photographed every recipe. From drinks and desserts to breads, salads, and even main dishes, the options presented here will become instant family favorites, enjoyed time and again. The book’s full-color photography, tips for growing your own rhubarb, and historic facts about the plant make this cookbook even more useful.

People love rhubarb because it connects them to the past and to the future. It reminds them of summers long ago, and it is a predictable, dependable plant that promises to return. Add Rhubarb to your cookbook collection, and savor this wonderful variety of delicious dishes.  Paperback.

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