Poop: Pottytime Joke Book (Finger Puppet Book)

by Brick Puffinton
ISBN: 978-1-64638-296-5

Sale price$7.99


Everyone poops so make your toddler feel more comfortable using the toilet and introduce your little one to potty concepts by sharing this adorable bathroom-themed joke book! Laugh along with Little Poop as he shares his favorite potty-time jokes. What did one roll of toilet paper say to the other? Find the answer to this joke and more in this adorable finger puppet book. Little Poop and its friends will have your little one giggling from start to finish, while also encouraging toddlers to use the potty. It's a great addition to your family's collection of potty training and poop books for toddlers!

4.33" x 4.33" x 1" thick.  6 spreads.  Board Book with finger puppet.

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