Otters at Play 64-Piece Puzzle

by Uta Krogmann

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Swim, tumble, and cuddle with a romp of otters in Otters at Play 64 piece jigsaw puzzle. This award-winning puzzle has been illustrated by Uta Krogmann. Large pieces make this puzzle perfect for children ages 5 and up. This 15 x 15 inch square puzzle will be a great activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Puzzles are the perfect project for children. Piecing together a puzzle aids in the development of pattern, shape, and color recognition. Children feel challenged by the task, and proud of its completion!

Ages: 5+
Illustrator: Uta Krogmann
Piece Count:  64 glossy pieces that fit and snap together with ease.
Puzzle Size: 15 x 15 inches when finished.
Sustainably Sourced: Made with recycled board and printed on FSC®-certified paper using vegetable-based inks.

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