Norwegian Cakes and Cookies

by Sverre Sætre
ISBN: 978-1-5107-2203-3

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Norway’s most acclaimed pastry chef, Sverre Sætre, brings his latest tempting dessert discoveries to the table with recipes for everything from decadent cakes, tarts, and puddings to candied fruits, chocolate confections, and cookies.


Sætre’s desserts are anchored in Norwegian tradition, such as Fyrstekake (layers of rich butter pastry with a marzipan filling), Kokosboller (chocolate-coconut truffles), and Tilslørte bondepiker (sweet fruit compote with whipped cream), but his creative twists make each sweet dish original. Sætre applies his years of professional expertise and personal creative flair to this culinary collection.

Each of the fifty recipes is accompanied by the luscious photography of Christian Brun, and Sætre also includes a chapter on essential basics such as pie and tart crusts, vanilla custard, and dark chocolate glaze, with useful tips for beginning and expert bakers alike. 160 pages.


Sverre Saetre is a trained chef and pastry chef. Since 2003, he has been a member of the Norwegian National Culinary Team (the world champions in 2006 and Olympic champions in 2008). He gained experience from Erichsen Bakery in Trondheim, and star restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo, among others. He runs a patisserie and resides in Oslo, Norway.

160 pages.  Paperback.

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