Northern Comfort: The Nordic Art of Creative Living

by Austin Sailsbury, Editor
ISBN: 978-3-89955-962-0

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The Northern art of life has become a role model for a meaningful work-life balance.

The Nordic Art of Creative Living brings together the people, endeavors, and ideas that best embody the hygge way of life, focusing on Scandinavian furniture and interior design while also venturing into the outdoors, the kitchen, and the atelier. This book is a modern guide to Nordic talent that is both admirable and inspiring. 

Northern Comfort takes a close look at some of the Nordic region’s most inspiring and insightful ideas and individuals. The Nordic Art of Life has become a role model for meaningful creative life around the globe. Scandinavian design and creativity are synonymous with cozy homes and architecture that combine style with tradition, indoors with outdoors, natural materials with rich colors, and playfulness with clarity. The Nordic countries are famous for their designers and entrepreneurs, who combine diligent preparation with bold execution in all fields of contemporary creativity, like design, architecture, fashion, and food.

NOTE: The inside pages shown have placeholder text. The actual book has all text in English!

256 pages.  Hardcover. 
11.4 in H | 9 in W

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