Lagom Life: A Swedish Way of Living

by Elisabeth Carlsson
ISBN: 978-1-80065-185-2

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Discover lagom—the Swedish idea of balance, harmony, beauty, and sufficiency.

In this delightful little pocket book, Elisabeth Carlsson, a Swede who has been living in the UK for many years, lets us in on the secrets of the enviable Swedish lifestyle and shows us how we can all be a little more lagom. She explains what lagom means to the Swedish and then explores how it can relate to all areas of our life: from our separation of work and home through managing our time, to how we eat, never depriving ourselves but not overindulging and avoiding waste; from discovering what makes a home more lagom in style and function, to how we sustainably take care of that home; from appreciating and looking after our body with moderate exercise and care, to our approach to life as a whole, and realizing that what’s good for the world can also be good for us, too. Filled with advice and ideas, this thoughtful guide provides the key to a lagom way of living—healthy, harmonious, and happy.

Hardcover. 6 in H | 4.6 in W

176 pages.

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