Inside Nordic Homes

by Anata Toromanoff
ISBN: 978-3-03768-285-2

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With their original approach to space, light, well-thought simplicity and functionality, Nordic interior designers and architects have set the trends for comfortable, modern lifestyle for decades. This book takes you to some of the most recent and outstanding interiors across Scandinavia – both in cities and in the countryside – and introduces you to private houses that are inspired by the best of local traditions, yet with a twist of contemporary aesthetics reflecting in the palette of soft colors, a strong connection to the surrounding nature, and the use of sustainable materials. All these elements transform the interiors into charming retreats where one can enjoy cozy minimalism at its best.

Art historian Agata Toromanoff has worked for art collectors and galleries. As such, she curated and managed numerous projects in the field of contemporary art. She has authored several publications on art, design, architecture and photography. Her strong interest in interior design has evolved into a passion for architecture of living spaces.

224 pages.  Hardcover.

11.3 in H | 9.8 in W

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