Gnomes (Revised Edition)

by Wil Huygen
ISBN: 978-1-4197-6985-6

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A newly reissued edition of the beloved illustrated survey of gnome life, history, and lore, which has sold astronomically since its original publication in 1977

Did you know that gnome couples always have twin children? Or that a gnome is seven times as strong as a human? Do you want to hear some gossip from the gnome who knew Rembrandt? Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet’s charming illustrations and physician Wil Huygen’s detailed observations of the gnomes’ habits, anatomy, and lifestyle are a delight for readers of all ages. Children will adore the gnome family’s underground home and the constant interaction with animals; adults will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek scientific data. Gnomebody is immune to the gnomes’ tremendous appeal—and a whole new generation is waiting to love them for the first time! 

11.9 in H | 8.3 in W

224 pages. Hardcover with cloth binding.

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