For the Love of Licorice

by Elisabeth Johansson
ISBN: 978-1-5107-1293-5

Sale price$19.99


Finally, a complete recipe book for licorice! 

For the Love of Licorice contains sixty exciting and delicious recipes for everything from licorice fudge and salt licorice ice cream to licorice Tosca cake, licorice-marinated lamb, and licorice liqueur. These recipes are proof that there are no boundaries to how this trendy and healthy root can be used in food and sweets.

Along with recipes, this book also provides facts about the world’s most delicious root and what it can be used for:

• Raw licorice
• Licorice granules
• Licorice powder
• Salty licorice
• And more!

For the Love of Licorice is an informative read that proves not only does licorice taste good, but it’s also good for you!


Elisabeth Johansson is a Swedish pastry chef, chef, and food stylist.  Licorice is very popular throughout Scandinavia, where Licorice festivals are held annually in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Helsinki!

144 pages.  81 color photos.  Hardcover. 

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