Folk Stories and Tall Tales

by Claire Cock-Starkey
ISBN: 978-1-68464-574-9

Sale price$19.99


A gorgeously illustrated collection of stories and tall tales from North America, passed down through generations, spanning and reflecting a broad range of cultures and histories that make up our shared heritage.  From Native American creation stories to tales of tricksters like Brer Rabbit and Anansi the spider, celebrate the stories that have helped shape a continent. You will also meet folk heroes such as Keelboat Annie, the strongest and fastest captain on the Mississippi River, and the giant Paul Bunyan with his mighty ox, Babe. 

Discover the power and magic of storytelling in this rich celebration of folk stories and tall tales from coast to coast.

Hardcover. 80 pages.

9.8 in H | 8.5 in W

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