Finland - Culture Smart!

by Culture Smart!, Elena Barrett, Terttu Leney
ISBN: 978-1-78702-908-8

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Don’t just see the sights—get to know the people.

The people of this land of white summer nights and pristine lakes are famous for their sisu, a form of enterprising stoicism. They are survivors: if you were stranded on a desert island, your ideal companion would be a Finn. Before you knew it, the sauna would be ready, fishhooks positioned, a fire burning, and any edible berries picked and prepared for eating. Shaped by the harsh physical beauty around them, the Finns can be melancholy, yet have a great sense of humor. Their music is often in the minor key, but they love to dance, sing, and perform. They cherish their traditions, from name days to near-pagan rituals, yet they are great innovators.

Culture Smart! Finland describes the historical, geographical, and cultural influences that have shaped the Finnish psyche, and guides you through the working and social lives of the Finns today, offering you a deeper, more rewarding experience of this beautiful land.

Paperback (with French flaps). 200 pages.  6.8 in H | 4.3 in W

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