Fantasy Forest Coloring Book: John Bauer

by John Bauer
ISBN: 9789188369895

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John Bauer's World of Fairies & Trolls...

Welcome to a coloring book world of enchanting forests, towering trolls and mystical fairies. 

Step into a world of magic and wonder with the Fantasy Forest Coloring Book: John Bauer's World of Fairies and Trolls. This enchanting coloring book pays homage to the captivating artistry of the renowned Swedish artist, John Bauer, inviting you to embark on a creative adventure like no other.

Explore the Fantasy Forest: Immerse yourself in the mystical landscapes and whimsical creatures that have become John Bauer's signature style. With every turn of the page, you'll encounter enchanting forests, towering trolls, and mystical fairies, all ready for your creative touch. Bauer's fantastical visions will come to life in your hands as you add your personal flair to each page.

Unleash Your Imagination: The Fantasy Forest Coloring Book offers you the perfect canvas to let your imagination run wild. Whether you're an experienced colorist or just starting your coloring journey, these intricate illustrations provide hours of relaxation and creative expression. Each page is a new opportunity to experiment with colors, blending techniques, and bring your visions to life.

Paperback. 40 pages.

9.8 in H | 9.8 in W

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