Live Like a Viking (coming Sept. 2024)

by Claire Saunders, Ruth Hickson (Illustrated by)
ISBN: 978-1-78708-137-6

Sale price$19.99


Live Like a Viking is a fascinating and informative journey back in time to find out what it was really like to live in the Viking age. 

The Vikings have a fearsome reputation as warriors. In reality, they were much more than that. From farmers and craftsmen to musicians and explorers, Viking society and culture has left a lasting impression on our modern world.

At the peak of their power, the Viking population soared to two million! Get ready to discover what it was like to live in this epic era. Learn about out how these master seafarers invaded countries across Europe using iconic wooden longships, about family life, their beliefs, the place of women in society, how they dressed and what they ate, as well as their language, customs and rituals.

The book also includes step-by-step craft activities and recipes to have a go at. Dotted throughout are fictional accounts by a young girl that bring the Viking era to life and enable readers to understand what it was like to live like a Viking.

56 pages.  Middle-grade (ages 7 - 11).  

Hardcover.   9.8 in H | 8.1 in W

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