Devotions from the Lake

by Editors
ISBN: 978-1-4003-0916-0

Sale price$16.99


Devotions from the Lake offers 100 encouraging devotions that capture the beauty of the slower pace of life at the lake.

Built around the concept of resting with family, connecting with nature, and finding joy in simple pleasures, Devotions from the Lake will quickly connect with readers looking for a way to incorporate the relaxing pace of life at the lake into their daily lives. Filled with beautiful photography, encouraging essays and devotions, and a few funny anecdotes, this devotional will be the perfect gift for anyone who loves nothing more than sneaking away for a long weekend by the water.

This uplifting book is a wonderful way to start each day at the lake with quiet devotional time.
With a luxe-feeling cover and photograph on every spread, it is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the lake.  

224 pages. Size: 8.3 in. x 6.3 in.  Hardcover.

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