Dakota Stories II

by Lauraine Snelling
ISBN: 0-7642-2222-8

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Dakota Dusk, Dakota December and Dakota Destiny

The lives of five inspiring women intertwine in the early 1900s in the immigrant community of Soldahl, North Dakota. In two volumes of Dakota Stories, bestselling author Lauraine Snelling reveals the universal need to know where God is leading us. In Dakota Stories II, Rebekka Stenesrude encounters the mysterious Jude Weinlander as they rebuild her fire-ravaged school. Before the Dakota Dusk, will they also decide to build a life together? A cold Dakota December blizzard blows the confused Johanna Carlson to Soldahl and into the arms of the unsuspecting Sheriff Caleb Stenesrude. Will this woman and her young son change his life forever? In Dakota Destiny, Mary Moen and her childhood friend Will Dunfey are separated by World War I just as they realize they may have a future together. After two years of Will missing in action, Mary ponders another man's marriage proposal. Who is her Dakota Destiny? 386 pages. Paperback.

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