Dakota Stories I

by Lauraine Snelling
ISBN: 0-7642-2222-8

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Dakota Dawn and Dakota Dream.

The lives of five inspiring women intertwine in the early 1900s in the immigrant community of Soldahl, North Dakota. In two volumes of Dakota Stories, bestselling author Lauraine Snelling reveals the universal need to know where God is leading us. In Dakota Stories I, the promise of a Dakota Dawn takes Nora Johanson a long way from home in Norway to join her true love, Hans. When her dreams take an uncertain turn, she must open her heart yet again to discover the answer to her prayers. In Dakota Dream, Nora's sister, Clara, also ventures out to find her true love. Her patience is put to the test as she realizes that this dream may just be Dag Weinlander, Soldahl's rugged but gentle blacksmith. 296 pages. Paperback.

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