Celebrating Birch

by North House Folk School
ISBN: 978-1-56523-307-2

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The Lore, Art and Craft of an Ancient Tree

How much do you really know about the wood you craft with? If you're a woodworker, crafter, or artist who works with wood, this stunning new book from the North House Folk School, will fascinate, inform, and inspire you. In celebrating its 10th anniversary, the well-known woodworking and craft school in northern Minnesota decided to salute the birch - also known as the "Mother Tree" because it's been vital to the survival of northern civilizations for centuries. So, in addition to 20 beautiful and practical projects you can create - such as a turned wooden bowl, a carved box, and woven basket, to name a few - you will discover the rich history, the fascinating cultural myths, and the significant ecological status of this beautiful and legendary tree. In fact, after reading Celebrating Birch, you'll discover that the birch is more than just a tree or a raw material; it's a link to the past that enriches the life, heart, and mind of anyone who works with it.

The North House Folk School preserves traditional skills and crafts of the past by teaching their practical use in today's world. Master craftsmen facilitate courses in woodworking, woodcarving, basketry, timber framing, boatbuilding, and more. It is located on Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Paperback. 192 pages.

8.5" x 11" x .48"

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