Art of Whittling (new edition)

ISBN: 978-1-80279-213-3

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A Woodcarver's Guide to Making Things by Hand

Woodworking can bring a little calm and hygge into your life—and this ideal introduction takes you from raw material to beautiful object.

For anyone who loves and feels a special connection with wood and trees, whittling is more than just a pastime: it connects you to nature and relieves the stresses of modern life. This beautiful and practical guide takes you back to whittling basics, explaining which types of wood to use in your work; what tools you need to get started; and how to master various cutting techniques and decorative carving. In addition, it contains six step-by-step projects—including a spatula, a spoon, a small shelf, and a birchbark box. More than just a manual, The Art of Whittling offers a contemplative take on a skill that is more popular than ever.


Niklas Karlsson is a Swedish woodcarver who crafts unique utensils that he sells via his blog: He now runs workshops in his native Sweden and appears at the International Carving Festival Täljfest.

160 pages. Hardcover.   

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