Around Reykjavik

by Herb Lester
ISBN: 978-1-910023-60-0

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Reykjavik is unlike other cities. Its 120,000 inhabitants sustain a thriving art and music scene and several book and record shops, all in an area that can be strolled across in 30 minutes. The locals' love of hotdogs is in keeping with other Nordic cities, but here they're all made from organic lamb. You can spot whales from its shores and they're on its menus too. And then there's the world beyond Reykjavik, an extraordinary and varied landscape dotted with geysers, glaciers, waterfalls and black sand beaches.

This guide selects some of Reykjavik's highlights, it also offers tips for visitors wishing to explore beyond its borders while still having time to make it back to the city for a comfortable night's sleep.

Sheet map, folded. 5.8 in H | 4 in W (folded size)

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