A Thing Called Snow

by Yuval Zommer
ISBN: 978-0-593-37788-8

Sale price$17.99


Fox and Hare were born in the spring, but the seasons are changing and they hear snow is on the way. "What is snow like?" they ask all the forest animals, and each gives a different answer ("Snow is white, like your fur."). Then, overnight, thick, fluffy flakes start to fall. SNOW! Young readers will share the magical feeling of a first snowfall as they see the two best friends marvel in nature's beauty. 

As with Yuval Zommer's hit book The Tree That's Meant to Be, this is a charming holiday story that feels instantly classic and yet fresh and new at the same time. With heartfelt themes of friendship, curiosity, and the wonder of nature, it's a story families will love cozying up to read together.


12.3 in H | 9.8 in W

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