50 Swedish Coffee Breaks (language activities)

by Coffee Break Languages
ISBN: 978-1-399-81044-9

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Transform your down time into 'do time'.

The most successful language learners create a habit of studying on a regular basis. 50 Swedish Coffee Breaks makes it easy to master a simple routine of improving your Swedish by effortlessly integrating it with your calming daily ritual - from a 5-minute espresso to a 15-minute latte.

Organized by 5, 10 and 15 minutes, these 50 varied and lively activities - from anagrams and idiom challenges to recipes and quotations - are created for high-beginner to intermediate adult and young-adult learners and designed to keep you motivated while building your skills in key areas.

· Reading comprehension
· Writing skills
· Grammar confidence
· Translation abilities
· Vocabulary expansion
· Cultural awareness

By practicing Swedish in a fun and relaxed way in the time you have, you will stay on track to achieve your language-learning aspirations. So, pick up your preferred brew and this practical book, and make learning the most pleasant and productive part of your busy day.

Paperback. 272 pages.

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