UFO Victorian Ladies 1,000-piece puzzle

by Kirsten Sevig
ISBN: 978-1-68227-241-1

Sale price$21.99


UFO Victorian Ladies 1000 piece square adult jigsaw puzzle features antique English patterns and UFO imagery along with ladies topped with strange chapeaux. A perfect and well-found gift for all the space odyssey and intergalactic believers out there. This puzzle was designed by Kirsten Sevig.

Proper ladies, fine designs! 
But wait, let's read between the lines. 
More puzzling than their strange chapeaux: 
Vignettes that feature UFOs! 
Patterns, hats, mysterious scenes! 
Can you discern what this all means?

You'll enjoy putting together this colorful out-of-this-world puzzle.  

1,000 pieces.  Finished size : 23 in. x 23 in. 

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