The Steger Homestead Kitchen

by Will Steger and Rita Mae Steger, with Beth Dooley
ISBN: 978-1-5179-0974-1

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Simple Recipes for an Abundant Life

Personal and simple, earthy and warm—recipes and stories from the Steger Wilderness Center in Minnesota’s north woods


This is an inspiring and down-to-earth collection of meals and memories gathered at the Homestead, the home of Arctic explorer and environmental activist Will Steger, located in Minnesota’s north woods. Interwoven with dozens of mouth-watering recipes—for simple, hearty meals shared around home chefs’ own homestead tables—are Steger’s exhilarating stories of epic adventures exploring the Earth’s most remote regions.

Will is arguably the world’s greatest living explorer. Now, with The Steger Homestead Kitchen, he and his niece Rita Mae explore with us the power of eating locally and sustainably, and in the society of others. This gorgeous book should have a place in everyone’s kitchen—or on every coffee table.

172 pages, 48 color plates, 7 x 10.  Hardcover.

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