Swedish Christmas Treats

by Lena Söderström
ISBN: 978-1-63158-383-4

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60 delectable Swedish desserts perfect for sweetening up any holiday celebration!

In Swedish culture, few things conjure up the spirit of Christmas like making and wrapping toffee. In fact, candy is just as important to Christmas as decorations, presents, and food.

With the help of food creator and cookbook writer Lena Söderström, confectioners can now widen their repertoire and find new Christmas candy hits. There are of course old favorites like toffee, fudge, and nougat, but there are some unexpected flavorings and fun twists, too. 

All the recipes are simple and clear and are accompanied by inspirational pictures. So start playing your favorite Christmas music, put on your apron, and break out the sugar—because with Lena Söderström’s help, Christmas will be better than ever!

Lena Soderstrom inherited her interest in food from her Russian paternal grandmother who could cook the old-school Russian way and inspired Lena to become an enthusiastic ambassador for good food, both traditional and modern. Her expertise is in Swedish and Russian cuisine, but she also explores many other interesting culinary cultures.

128 pages. Hardcover. 

Color photos throughout

9 in H | 7.5 in W

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