Striped Pears and Polka Dots: The Art of Being Happy

by Kirsten Sevig
ISBN: 978-1-68268-196-1

Sale price$10.95


Kirsten Sevig’s Instagram fans—100,000 strong and counting—have been clamoring for a book of her art. She paints rainbow-colored rooftops, striped pears, birds in hats, teacups, cats, and more—all drawn to bring joy to anyone who views them. When the weather is rainy and gray, Sevig paints herself some sunshine. When she feels sad, she paints something colorful to cheer herself up; when anxious, something soothing and repetitive; when overwhelmed, she makes a series of small decisions about what to put on the page and begins to feel empowered.

In Striped Pears and Polka Dots, Sevig invites readers into her cozy, sunny world of snail mail, patterned socks and knitted sweaters, ice cream and flaky croissants, and dachshunds in sweaters. This perfect gift book will inspire readers to look around and notice all the little happy-makers that surround them in their daily lives.

Hardcover.  5.25 in. x 5.25 in.

Kirsten has also designed several card packs exclusively for us! Click on the links below to see some of these cards!

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