Secrets of the Sprakkar

by Eliza Reid
ISBN: 978-1-7282-4216-3

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Michelle Obama's Becoming meets Hygge in this insightful exploration of gender equity, written by the sitting First Lady of Iceland

Canadian-born writer Eliza Reid never expected to live in Iceland at all—much less become its First Lady. But after meeting her Icelandic husband at university, Eliza's life transformed when he won the presidency. Her new position granted her remarkable insight into the roles of Icelandic women in business, politics, the home, and more. Eliza's immigrant perspective offers an uplifting examination of Iceland's reputation: one of the best places in the world to be a woman.

The woman-focused inspiration of Michelle Obama's Becoming meets Hygge in Secrets of the Sprakkar, exploring lessons we can all learn from the sprakkar (outstanding women) of our Nordic neighbors as we strive for gender equity.

ELIZA REID is the co-founder of the acclaimed Iceland Writers Retreat. Eliza grew up near Ottawa, Canada, and moved to Iceland in 2003. She is the sitting First Lady of Iceland.

288 pages.  Hardcover.


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