Nordic Knits with Birger Berge

by Birger Berge
ISBN: 978-1-64601-034-9

Sale price$24.95


29-year-old Norwegian Birger Berge has become something of a social celebrity from sharing pictures of his knitting on Instagram. The Bergen-based knitter has built a global following of almost 36,800 on the photo sharing platform. 

Breathe new life into Norwegian tradition with one of Norway's hottest knit designers.

Birger Berge is a study in apparent contradictions: he's a trained historian ... and an Instagram star—a trend-setting contemporary knitter ... who's deeply passionate about traditional patterns and their origins. Berge learned to knit as a child from his mother and grandmother, and for him handcrafts have become a source of comfort and creative energy, and a well of endless inspiration. Now, he combines his own distinctly modern style, a love of contrasts and dynamic color combinations, and the classic beauty of Norwegian patterning in a collection of gorgeous knitwear designs freshly adapted for an American knitting audience.

144 pages. Hardcover. 

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