Making the Moose Out of Life

by Nicholas Oldland
ISBN: 978-1-55453-580-4

Sale price$16.95


From the creator of Up the Creek comes the comic-adventure story of a mild-mannered moose who learns how to take life by the antlers. This moose may live in the wild, but he doesn't act it — he watches from the sidelines as his friends have fun. Every now and then, he wonders if he's missing out on anything. When the moose finally takes a chance and goes on a solo sailing trip, a raging storm carries him far from everything he knows. Will he curl up in a ball and cry, or make the most of it? The moose's unlikely hero-journey is a lighthearted, contemporary fable that celebrates living life to the fullest. Starring a charming cast of characters, Nicholas Oldland's light-hearted fables highlight the importance of teamwork, environmental awareness, time management and living life to the fullest.

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