In the Garden

by Emma Giuliani
ISBN: 978-1-61689-893-9

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What to grow in the spring? What fruits to eat in the summer? What to do with plants in the fall? How to feed birds in the winter? Plum and her brother Robin answer these questions and more as they take you on a yearlong journey through their colorful, blossoming garden.

Marvelous wonders await in this extraordinary garden book. From season to season, children follow the life of a garden as each page reveals new treasures hiding under lift-up flaps. Peek inside the curious tulip bulb and discover the peas inside a peapod. Watch a ladybug help with pesky aphids and search for ripe strawberries under the leaves. Rich in detail, Emma Giuliani's bright, immersive illustrations and flaps in fantastic shapes, sizes, and colors carry the reader into the enchanted world of gardening. Discovering different facets of the garden-fauna, flora, and the work necessary to help it grow and thrive-will delight gardeners of all ages.


Oversize (16.2 in H | 11.6 in W).  16 pages. Hardcover. 

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