Goat Stash It Bag

by LOVE™ Sack with Kirsten Sevig

Sale price$19.95


It’s not just a cute bag! It's meant to change the way you think about bags. The STASH IT is a super convenient, lightweight, washable shopping tote that stuffs into its own attached stretchy pouch. It’s the perfect space saver that can tuck into a purse or pocket. This super roomy, gusseted tote is cleverly designed with a quick clip and can hold up to 35 lbs. It’s so fun and convenient, you’ll never forget your bags again. 13”H x 15”W x 5”D open, 4.5”H x 3”W x 1”D “stashed”. 
Made from recycled plastic bottles (51% P.E.T. Yarn)

Kirsten Sevig is an illustrator from Minnesota who loves to cultivate joy by improvising with watercolor wherever she goes. She started a daily art practice when she was living in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2015, and that practice of painting and sharing continues to this day on Instagram (@kirstensevig). Many of her designs are available on notecards. Her Goat Notes are among her most popular notecard designs, and the motif on this bag is from one of her goat notecards. May it bring you joy!

Single-use plastic bags and bottles continue to devastate our land and oceans. There are also millions of “reusable” bags that can’t be washed and/or break down after several uses that end up in our landfills. LOVE BAGS are made from the finest quality, durable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, which will withstand a lifetime of use.  You will not only be helping the environment, you will look fabulous doing it. It’s that simple. Fashionable, fun and functional bags that will help you reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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