Feeling Sleepy

by Andrea Pinnington
ISBN: 978-0-2281-0317-2

Sale price$9.95


Follow Panda and her drowsy friends to bedtime!

This remarkable picture book is based on popular relaxation techniques for children. Reading it with small children is a simple but very effective way to encourage the little ones to drop off to sleep. It provides a stress-free end of the day for children and their parents.

The sun starts to set and the cub gives a yawn
He's pounced and he's played with his sisters since dawn.
If you open your mouth and breathe very deeply,
You'll yawn like a lion and start to feel sleepy.

Touch the lion cub's pink tongue, the panda's soft fur, the polar bear's white leg and drift off to sleep.

A book perfect for parents who want to be closer to their children, while also encouraging them into healthy and positive activities for sleeping.

Touch & Feel Board Book. 

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