Cabin in the Mountains: A Norwegian Odyssey

by Robert Ferguson
ISBN: 978-1-78954-467-1

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The wooden holiday cabin, or hytte, is a staple of Norwegian life. Robert Ferguson, author of Scandinavians, explores the significance of a national icon in this charming, affectionate history.

Turf-roofed and wood-built, offering fresh clean air, breathtaking views and peaceful isolation, the hytte—or wooden cabin home—is a crucial part of  Norwegian national identity. In 2016, Robert Ferguson and his wife bought a piece of land high up in the Hardangervidda, the plateau that dominates south-central Norway, and on it they built such a hytte.

For Ferguson, the hytte represented the realisation of a dream that first brought him to Norway from England more than thirty years ago. As the cabin takes shape he learns how native Norwegians have married new-found urban affluence to their past as a tight-knit rural community-nation, and has to reconsider his own ideas about the dream of the hytte, drawing an affectionate portrait of Norwegian culture, society and landscape.

Robert Ferguson has lived in Norway since 1983. He is the author of Scandinavians: in Search of the Soul of the North, The Hammer and The Cross, and biographies of Ibsen and Henry Miller. He is also the translator of Norwegian Wood by Lars Mytting, which won Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2016.

316 pages. Paperback.

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