Artisanal Small-Batch Brewing

by Amber Sheehan
ISBN: 978-1-62414-781-4

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Easy Homemade Wines, Beers, Meads and Ciders
Amber Sheehan makes home brewing a breeze for beginners and experts alike with smaller 1-gallon recipes that reduce the time, money and energy needed to create delicious brews all year long. Enjoy the nuanced flavors of homebrews like tart Orange-Hibiscus Cider, palate-clensing Peppermint Wine or soothing Vanilla Bean and Chamomile Mead.

As an herbalist, Amber showcases her knowledge of culinary and medicinal herbs, wildflowers and plants in this incredible collection of deliciously infused brews that are both intoxicating and tonic.

Includes 65 recipes, with photos of each.  174 pages.  Paperback.

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