Cows on Ice and Owls in the Bog

Cows on Ice and Owls in the Bog

by Sarah Lundon


ISBN: 978-1-78713-472-0

The Weird and Wonderful World of Scandinavian Sayings

Did you know, amidst the obsession with hygge, IKEA, and lagom, that Scandinavian sayings are absolutely BIZARRE?!

Take the Swedish 'Skita i det blåa skåpet', which roughly translates as 'You've done a poop in the blue locker' ('You've really messed things up now'). Or, in Norway, 'Født bak en brunost': 'He was born behind a brown cheese' (this chap is a bit slow on the uptake). In Denmark you might say instead: 'Han har roterende fis i kasketten' (he's got rotating crap in his cap!).

This witty, enlightening book will give you 50 phrases you never knew you needed in your life, explaining their origin and literal translations, with fun color illustrations throughout.

144 pages. Hardcover.


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