Mike & Else CD Collection

Mike & Else CD Collection

by Mike and Else Sevig


ISBN: MCD 5000

This special collection includes all five of the Mike & Else CDs:

  • - Norwegian Folksong Favorites, Volume 1
  • - Norwegian Folksong Favorites, Volume 2
  • - Norwegian Songs of Praise!
  • - Barnefest: Norwegian Songs for All Ages
  • - Christmas Joy - Juleglede (A Norwegian Christmas)

All of these CDs feature "Skeets" Langley, twice U.S. Accordion Champion, and World Champion in 1963, and many other talented musicians. Without knowing a word of Norwegian, you can follow along in the booklet that comes with each CD and understand all the lyrics. This is a great way to enjoy the music of the Norwegian heritage and learn some of the language simultaneously!

To listen to a sound clip of any of these CDs by clicking on the individual CD -- you will hear 30 seconds of several tracks!

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