Fly Casting Scandinavian Style

Fly Casting Scandinavian Style

by Henrik Mortensen


ISBN: 978-0-8117-3991-7

World-famous guide and instructor Henrik Mortensen's version of Scandinavian casting was designed to catch fish no matter where the caster is on the river—it is the most adaptable and flexible casting technique, giving the flyfisher the ability to handle any situation he encounters effortlessly. Mortensen shares the essentials of fly casting with single- and double-handed rods in the Scandinavian tradition, beginning with the basic technique of the overhead cast. An explanation of the physics of the proper cast—and how the rod, line, leader, and fly work as a balanced unit—tell how Scandinavian casting makes it a pleasure to cast and fish. The author covers the tried-and-true knots that are best for this style of casting and how to add the single and double haul to your casts.

Mortensen's in-depth, step-by-step instructions, combined with wide-angle photos of the complete line unrolling and close-u[ shots of hand movements, take the mystery out of this casting technique.

Henrik Mortensen, a fly tackle designer with Zpey, travels extensively and teaches casting seminars. His website is 

11.6 in H | 11 in W,  192 pages.  Paperback. 

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