Viking Myths (Volume One)

Viking Myths (Volume One)

by Jacqueline Morley


ISBN: 978-1-911242-48-2

Journey to the frozen north, where Vikings lived, and learn the stories of their gods and monsters—and the world as they knew it.

Here are the tales the Vikings told: of gods and goddesses, sea monsters and ice giants, dark forests, flying chariots, shapechangers, cloud spinners, and cunning, gold-hoarding underground dwarves. These eight stories start at the world’s beginning, with one realm of ice and snow and another of fire. Discover Asgard, a stronghold of shining palaces; Loki’s secret wife in Giantland and their terrifying children; the gentle goddess Idunn’s golden apples of immortality, and much more Viking lore and legend.

Hardcover. 77 pages. Color illustrations throughtout.  Ages 7 & up.

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