Xenophobe's Guide to the Swedes

Xenophobe's Guide to the Swedes

by Peter Berlin


ISBN: 978-1-906042-49-3

Xenophobia:  A phobia about foreigners, probably justified, always understandable.

Forewarned is forearmed—an irreverent look at the beliefs and foibles of nations, almost guaranteed to cure xenophobia. This guide to understanding the Swedes explores their national characteristics with humor and style.  

Soulful sadness

A common trait among Swedish people is a deeply felt svårmod, a dark melancholy born out of long winters, high taxes, and a sense of being stuck far out on a geo-political and socio-economic limb. They brood a lot over the meaning of life in a self-absorbed sort of way without ever arriving at satisfactory answers.

Nurture nature

The Swedes have a dream: to save Nature from Man. This is more than just a vision—it's as close to a passion as the Swedes ever get.

Net loss

Becoming rich in Sweden has never been easy. As Ingmar Bergman found out, even millionaires can have difficulties making ends meet when income tax is levied at 102%.

(4 1/4 x 7, 64 pages).  Paperback.

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