Crystal Cave: The Ultimate Geometric Coloring Book

Crystal Cave: The Ultimate Geometric Coloring Book

by Altair Design Collection


ISBN: 978-1-63286-627-1

This is a coloring book like no other! Each design is based on meticulously created geometric patterns--close-packing circles repeating in square and hexagonal symmetries--that are proven to stimulate the mind and creativity. Like cracks on a wall, they can conjure all sorts of images in the mind's eye, and because of their geometrical precision, any shape "found" can be found again and again, rotated, and reflected. The same design might be seen as a landscape by some, a flock of birds by others, or as abstract patterns, faces, wild animals, flowers, and many other things. They will provide hours of relaxation, mindful calm, and creative stimulation--no other family of patterns offers more potential for enhancing your visual imagination. Paperback.

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